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About Panhandle Santa


Many years ago, when I was just a boy, my father, who loved children and loved caring for others as a nurse, decided he would take up another trade to bring children and adults another type of healing: joy. He took up the mantle of Santa Claus!

He would go to schools where I would follow as his elf. He went throughout the community and became known as Santa. He was so loved and brought so much joy! 

I remember one year a co-worker who had adopted Russian children made a Russian Santa Suit so her children would feel more comfortable. He continued being Santa for about 15 years. 

Years passed. I grew up add had a family of my own, remembering fondly those times as a child.  One day, "Mrs. Claus" decided to try her hand at making a Santa Suit for me. She made a beautiful suit I was proud to put on and I donned the mantle as a Second-Generation Santa Claus. And so, 2018 began my journey as Panhandle Santa.

My wife enjoyed sharing the time and joy on my visits so much that she decided she needed to be by my side and left off baking cookies to show the world her inner "Mrs. Claus". She once again took to her sewing machine and completed her own transformation as my "Mrs. Claus".

We have both loved the look of happiness, joy, and love we have experienced since we began our journey. We want to thank our community for so very warmly welcoming and embracing us as we try to fill the shoes my father so beautifully filled! 

Remember, Santa is always watching, and you may just see him and Mrs. Claus around the community when you are least expecting it!

Above Photo courtesy of Chasing Orion with Grace Photography

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