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Busy Season!

Panhandle Santa would like to thank all of our"Believer" families this year. We estimate we directly interacted with approximately 278 children at scheduled events/photoshoots/home visits (which was over three times the interactions of last year!), not including the numerous children we interacted with while out and about, running into people at convenience stores, restaurants, and other places in the community! We had so much fun!

From a beautiful Shirly Temple curled little girl, Mrs. Claus played on the floor with to a children's home visit to a sweet little girl who ran to the window to look for the reindeer as Santa and Mrs. Claus said their goodbyes on Christmas Eve, to the darling young boy who had to point out how beautiful his mother was,, we enjoyed our season so very much!

Our Believer parents were such a joy to work with! The excitement the adults experienced was no less enjoyable to us than their children and grandchildren!

As this season is wrapped up, we would be remiss to not mention that many of our families struggled greatly this year; some lost family members to Covid, accidents, or other illnesses. Others struggled financially or due to Covid-19 restrictions on interacting in public. Many children were more reserved this year due to the decrease in interactions. The families we were honored to interact with were so very gracious (two even provided Santa with cookies for the rest of his journey on Christmas Eve and they were all delicious!). Our adult believers experienced the magic of Christmas again through the eyes of their children. We believe the magic of Christmas can be experienced in the midst of pain and our families experienced that this season.

Here, we will share a few photos from our amazing year and want to thank each of you who interacted with us this year.

We anticipate a much busier year next year, so we would encourage you to schedule early!

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