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Parents are curious, too!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Photo courtesy of Kelsei Frazier Photography

Santa and Mrs. Claus love to see children's reactions. Adult reactions are no less thrilling to us. Last night was no exception. Santa began with the first child; we'll call him Tom,. Santa pulled out his "nice" list book and asked Tom if he wanted to see if his name was on the list. Tom nodded his head vigorously. His brother and mother looked on curiously. Tom leaned in to see if his name was on the book. His brother and mother leaned in as well, Mom quite forgot about taking pictures as she leaned over to look on. Santa asked Tom if he saw his name on the list. Tom, looking nervous, shook his head and said "no". Quickly, Santa said "You have to really believe! Close your eyes and look again". Tom obediently closed his eyes. Santa shone his "magic" pen on the page and Tom once again opened his eyes. His brother and mother gasped! "Oh!", mom said. "How neat!" as Tom's name shone brightly.

Tom proudly nodded as he recognized his name. Mom and brother beamed at him. "You made it!" she exclaimed!

Children and parents are a joy to work with. Children naturally carry the magic of Christmas in their hearts. Parents carry that magic in their hearts through the love for their children, making magic happen for them through sharing the joy of the season.

Here's to you, parents, for bringing joy to your babies this and all Christmas seasons!

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Above Photo courtesy of Chasing Orion with Grace Photography

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