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Kindness everywhere!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Photo courtesy of Amy Ward Photography

Santa and Mrs. Claus get to spread joy and love everywhere. However, we don't have that market cornered. At our first home visit this Christmas Eve, one of our sweet mothers (you know who you are!) presented us with a goodie bag as she knows Santa and Mrs Claus has many visits to make today! In our goodie bag she had placed two waters and a tin full if assorted cookies!

Later, Santa and Mrs. Claus decided to stop at a local restaurant. We caused a little bit of excitement, of course! While eating lunch we paused to take pictures with our fellow diners. One such couple asked to have their picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus to show to their grandchildren. We posed with them then sat down to compete our meal. As we finished, we heard the waitress inform the couple behind us of the price of our meal. Surprised, we quietly discussed how to approach the couple to thank them. We quickly agreed and Santa walked over to the couple, gave them our information and let them know we would be honored to visit their home next year to visit with their grandchildren as a thank you.

Kindness such as this and other instances, including simple wishes of Merry Christmas, are easily and quickly performed but stay in your heart for much longer than the simple act.

Consider sharing your own form of kindness this year; you never know how very much it may mean to someone!

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Above Photo courtesy of Chasing Orion with Grace Photography

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