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Out of the mouths of babes

Every once in a while a child says something that just captures your heart and refuses to let go.

One night, recently, we had such an experience.

We had a home visit with an 11 year old and her two sisters. The 11 year old was still a believer and had stars in her eyes while interacting with Santa, which is beautiful!

During our conversation, she brought out a letter she had written and placed on her Christmas tree. Santa read it and commented how beautiful it was. Curious, Mrs. Claus asked to read the letter and asked permission from the child to read it aloud. Proudly, the young lady nodded. Mrs. Claus began to read the letter aloud. The first sentence in the letter was: "Please help all the homeless people"! Mrs Claus continued to read. The young lady wrote that she wanted her mother, father and sisters to have their Christmas dreams come true since they were the best parents and sisters anyone could want. She then went on to ask for a sky blue bike and moped. Her final wish was for snow. Since she lives in Florida, Santa informed her this is the most difficult wish of all to fulfill!
Santa and Mrs Claus reflected on the way back to the north pole about what an amazing heart this young lady has. Her first thoughts and desires are for those less fortunate and her loved ones! If only we all had such innocent, giving hearts!
Here's to you, young lady, wherever you are. Santa believes in you because of your amazing heart!

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Rodney Wood
Rodney Wood
Dec 20, 2020

Santa and Mrs. Claus love to see children's reactions. Adult reactions are no less thrilling to us. Last night was no exception. Santa began with the first child; we'll call him Tom,. Santa pulled out his "nice" list book and asked Tom if he wanted to see if his name was on the list. Tom nodded his head vigorously. His brother and mother looked on curiously. Tom leaned in to see if his name was on the book. His brother and mother leaned in as well, Mom quite forgot about taking pictures as she leaned over to look on. Santa asked Tom if he saw his name on the list. Tom, looking nervous, shook his head and said "no". Quickly,…


Above Photo courtesy of Chasing Orion with Grace Photography

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