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Stories from Santa

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Santa has the pleasure of meeting many believers, from shy to outgoing, young to "mature". Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoys just going out into the community after home visits or events as a way to unwind. These times frequently lead to interesting occurrences.

One such occurrence was last year while walking through a local large store. We were walking to the beauty supply section as Mrs. Claus was in need of a curling iron. We passed an aisle that led to the back of the store. Suddenly, we heard a yell from the back of the store. "Santa! I want my picture with you!" We both looked quickly and saw a mature believer perhaps in his mid-60's. Santa, of course, called for him to come on and much to his wife's chagrin, the gentleman quickly RAN to us to get his photo taken with Santa Claus!

His wife walked up much more sedately, and joined him, shaking her head at him.

Santa and I smiled and talked about that the entire way home and it is still a fond memory.

Stay tuned for more stories from Santa

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Above Photo courtesy of Chasing Orion with Grace Photography

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